As an editor, I am meticulous and highly detailed, and I strive always to focus and enhance any piece I receive to edit. I’ve edited blog posts in advance of online publication in websites such as BlogHer and UndoOrdinary, as well as journalistic stories for multiple student newspapers and for a community newspaper published in the Atlanta area called the Broadway. Student application essays I have helped edit have earned their writers full tuition coverage for the extent of their post-graduate studies. I am proud to have an extremely fast rate of turnover and satisfaction from clients and friends whose work I have edited. My editing services are available at a competitive rate and if you would like me to edit a piece of writing, please contact me at justinlev7@gmail.com.

Chancellor’s Retirement

I edited every story on these two pages, save the Relay for Life artwork story. The lead story presented an interesting challenge, because the content of the story was lighthearted, and called for a clever, eye-catching kicker and head. The phrase ‘The Ol’ Switcheroo’ matched the tone perfectly, and succeeded in drawing the readers in. With the swine flu story, I was faced with a challenging headline shapes that limited my options. The word ‘cancel’ would not fit in that size of a headline, and my decision to use the word ‘nix,’ I think, was an elegant solution . Notice also the headline for the wire story on page 3A, where the verb phrase’slams into’ was powerful, but not hyperbolic. Open the PDFs, below, in Adobe Reader.



PDF of page 1A, 05-01-09

PDF of page 3A, 05-01-09


Student Senate Election Day

I edited each of the four stories following the Student Senate elections in Spring, 2009. The presidential race was particularly dramatic, with incumbent coalition United Students wracked by the controversy surrounding May Davis’ suspension from the race. Tutu Lee’s joke campaign drew huge attention from the student media. The main story headline had to tell the straight news, but the headlines on page three gave me a chance to stretch out creatively. The ‘silver lining’ idiom was appropriate for the Envision story, and fit the spacing perfectly. The headline for Tutu Lee allowed us to jab back, so to speak, at a candidate whose mission seems to have been to play games with the Kansan. The graphics and design on these two pages were also particularly effective. Open the PDFs, below, in Adobe Reader.



PDF of page 1A, 4-17-09

PDF of page 3A, 4-17-09

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