“On Facebook,” an editorial

An editorial I wrote for As Heard From the Hill, the news magazine I helped produce with a team of fellow student journalists, weekly, during my time at the University of Kansas. I find that audio storytelling is a balancing act between the two extremes of letting the subject tell the whole story, and telling the story in my own words. This story is very much the latter.

Obviously, the subject matter resonates with me deeply… and the radio medium allows the listener to sense how much I care about what I’m saying. It’s in my voice.

Aye Aye Nu, at Juniper Gardens

I worked with a group of four fellow student journalists to interview an immigrant farmer working near Kansas City. In this case, I worked to let the subject tell the whole story… although she spoke in a broken English, I think the essentials are easy to understand. The work we did was contributed to the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, to help publicize the annual Farm Tour. Below, see also a transcription of the podcast, accompanied by photos of Aye Aye.

“Salt,” a Radio Essay

After traveling to Israel on a Birthright trip over winter break of my senior year at the University of Kansas  2009-2010, I reflected on my experience in a radio essay that was broadcast 2/3/10. I am actively engaged today in seeking to understand and reconcile my Jewish heritage with the social justice concerns involved in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, and would love to seek further information on this subject.

Adam Burnett’s New Play, Nightmares

This was the first podcast I ever produced. From three hours of interview audio to work with, I spent nearly six hours editing for publication on my student-run radio station, KJHK.

Adam Burnett was visibly and audibly passionate about the play he had written, and I felt it was my responsibility to communicate that in the podcast.

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