An Afternoon in Wonky Haus

As this October day drags on, I am enjoying the fact that this portfolio is still here! It’s been an eventful year. Quaker Voluntary Service wrapped up, and I said farewell to some dear, close friends. I am now settled into a new intentional community in Atlanta that we have taken to calling Wonky Haus.

I’ve been working for a community newspaper in Clarkston, a project that I feel very passionately about. I think I put my best into it, and who knows, maybe something will emerge in the future as a result of that hard work! But in the meantime I am searching the Atlanta area for an employer willing to pay a living wage for what I can offer.


View overlooking the Historic Old 4th Ward Park.

I enjoy writing, and I like to see that platforms which I establish for myself, generally are not erased as time passes. I will keep working at it, and I know that my efforts will blossom with consistent, nurturing care.