Thanksgiving Travels

This Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to travel north to Chicago and visit my family in the suburbs of Evanston and Skokie. The northern suburbs of Chicago were beautiful but the weather was bitter cold. It was a day-long, shotgun, last-minute journey, one that I barely managed to schedule with Spirit Airlines when a pair of other bookings fell through. I literally was not sure until the very last moment that I was going to make it. But I did, and it was so worth it.


In the air between Dallas and Georgia

As I was in the air over Dallas, I looked down at the earth below me. “What magic,” I thought to myself. What a miracle that we simply spend $300-$400 dollars, and suddenly have access to any place in the continental U.S. We live in an age of miracles, and we often forget that, I thought to myself, as I looked down at the fields and highways far below me.

Unfortunately, my time with the community newspaper in Clarkston has ended, and I had to seek other work. I learned a lot from my time with The Broadway, and I put my all into it, speaking to some fascinating people and cementing my love and respect for the people of Clarkston. I was unemployed for a brief and miserable two weeks, but I finally found a position as a valet at a historic hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is an amazing and interesting job, and I am learning a lot about the hotel business and about life and urban economy. I work mostly for tips, and I park beautiful, marvelous cars for a living. I come home exhausted but satisfied from long but legitimate work.

It is not the dream job of meaningful writing that I am ultimately looking for, but it is life sustaining and it is comfortable and reliable. I am learning that the journey often contains surprises, and it is the best we can do to maintain an even emotional keel, and to keep a handle on what is most important: our relationship with our friends, family, and loved ones, and our habits of self-care and self-respect. As I looked down on the earth from 30,000 miles, I couldn’t help but thank God for my health, and my loving family in Chicago, and my community of friends here in Atlanta, the place I am coming to think of as my home.

An Afternoon in Wonky Haus

As this October day drags on, I am enjoying the fact that this portfolio is still here! It’s been an eventful year. Quaker Voluntary Service wrapped up, and I said farewell to some dear, close friends. I am now settled into a new intentional community in Atlanta that we have taken to calling Wonky Haus.

I’ve been working for a community newspaper in Clarkston, a project that I feel very passionately about. I think I put my best into it, and who knows, maybe something will emerge in the future as a result of that hard work! But in the meantime I am searching the Atlanta area for an employer willing to pay a living wage for what I can offer.


View overlooking the Historic Old 4th Ward Park.

I enjoy writing, and I like to see that platforms which I establish for myself, generally are not erased as time passes. I will keep working at it, and I know that my efforts will blossom with consistent, nurturing care.

Hello Again!

It’s been two and a half years, and it’s past time I attend to this site. I’m a Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow now, placed at the Clarkston Development Foundation, just outside Atlanta, as a Communications Associate. I have the opportunity to meet interesting people all the time, and I write for our newsletter about the things that I experience.

The transition to Atlanta was exciting, and the rush of the first few months here was overwhelming. It is good to be in the professional saddle again, and I’m looking to flesh out my portfolio and keep the streak alive.


As for tonight, I’m looking forward to some sweet potato latkes, and I can’t wait to watch game two of the World Series! đŸ™‚

Welcome to My Portfolio

On this page, I intend to chronicle any additions to my professional portfolio, and curate all developments and additions related to my writerly aspirations. Today, I added several pages, including my reporting, editing, video, and audio. Looks like the dream is nearly realized!


But, at the moment, priority one is to study for impending finals. My semester is less than 24 hours from being over. Summer is nearly here. Let the good times roll!